Update! 3-3-2010: The publisher emailed me and has removed the story from everywhere it was posted. They will be sending me any royalties that were made on the story. Because the publisher took care of it quickly, I will not press charges against Frank Sol.at this time, but I have found a lawyer who is willing to represent me if it happens again.

Thanks again to those readers who found it and promptly notified me.

Posted by Mathis B. Rogers at 5:14 PM

3-1-2010: I have just found out that someone stole my story, “Storm” and is selling it on Amazon.com and through the eBook publisher. I am NOT Frank Sol and I have reported him to Amazon.com. Thanks to those who contacted me about this. Plagiarism is a crime and he will be prosecuted. I post my stories here for reader’s enjoyment. I do not get paid for these stories, and I do not expect my readers to steal them from me. It not only angers me that someone did this, but it hurts my feelings, too. I hate to think I’ll have to stop posting my stories for free just to keep the thieves from trying to make a profit off my hard work.

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