Reader’s Comments

Reader's Comments

46. Debra Weir on Smashwords review  October 3, 2021

A New Job

Another enjoyable gay romance by Mathis B. Rogers. Keep on daydreaming and writing, Mathis!

45. Don Hodges gave a Four Star Review on Amazon July 31, 2020

The Dead Can’t Rest

Format: Kindle Edition

44. Xanlthorpe reviewed on Amazon January 3, 2020

The Dead Can’t Rest

Format: Kindle Edition

43. Mark reviewed on Amazon

October 22, 2015

Format: Kindle

The Wedding:

Enjoyable read, I didn’t LOVE it, but I liked it quite a bit.

42. JesusGeek posted at Amazon.

The Mysterious Bed

June 18, 2011
Format: Paperback
I just LOVE this book! Perfect to buy for yourself or as a gift — especially to people who would like to see some LOVE and ACCEPTANCE in the role modeling for society of gay and heterosexual people accepting one another beautifully whether friends or family. Some real issues and disappointments are in the book but no violence and nothing to be afraid of — just dealing with realities. However, this is like a sci fi fantasy romance gay and hetero fiction with time travel, (most) people treating one another with respect and a few with the wisdom to know to turn to prayer when things are hard.

I am also attaching a video review of this book — because this is not marketed by any book company and I really want to see MORE books like this — and MOVIES…!!! I can tell you a book like this is like finding a needle in the haystack — and great reading for ages 12 to 125…!!!

41. John writes:


Hi Mathis,
I finally got round to reading “The Mysterious Bed” and you were right, it is not like your usual stories. I can’t remember any of your previous stories having a time travel theme. You said that it didn’t have any sex in it but that didn’t put me off any, none of your stories have much explicit sex, you write romance stories not stroke stories. I did think that your hero Casey wasn’t operating on all four cylinders sometimes, he seemed to have been struck with the “blonde” gene. I did like how your characters reacted differently with each other after time trips, I thought that was well done. To sum up, I thought it was a good story well written, I also liked how the ending left open the possibility of future sequels. Well done Mathis, more power to your writing arm.

40. Joe writes:

Mathis, I just found The Honeymoon story of Brad and Kris on the Nifty Stories Archive and I absolutely loved it – after finding your website I see that you have written many more stories and expanded the love story of Brad and Kris – I can’t wait to read more. You write so beautifully about both their love for each other, how comfortable they are together and you blend their beautiful love making into their lives as a couple – as two wonderfully perfect gay men in love. As a gay man I can feel and sense through your words the pleasure they give each other when they are making love and the true beauty of their love. I have had a loving long term “husband” however somehow after years together we fell apart (he wanted to explore other sexual partners). I hope to again find another true love, one that is both a real man / bear type but loving and tender and gentle and one that truly loves to “make love” like I do. Like Kris I am a bottom and truly feel completed as a man when my lover is inside me – the feeling and wonderful emotion of gay anal intercourse is the essence of fulfillment – along with of course the oral pleasure and foreplay and everything else two gay lovers can enjoy. Thanks for writing your stories – I want to read more and more and more!

39. Cyndie writes:
Hi Mathis,

I’ve read all 35 of your stories, probably about a half dozen times each. They are all wonderful.

I love Blizzard. Also all of the stories about Brad and Kris. I think Brad and Kris are my favorites.

Is there any chance you might be posting a new story anytime soon?


P.S. Congratulations on your nomination for Poet of the Year and The Editors Choice award.

38. Gary writes:
Hey Mathis I think it is about time for you to write another chapter in Brad and Kris’s life. I think maybe Benny and Chad should get married and maybe have a couple of twin nephews for the guys to fall in love with. Gary

37.Vishal Writes:
I was about to think that gay literature was a joke..but.. I read your stories and can’t explain how much i enjoyed them.

Hi, i’m Vishal from Mauritius. Never mind if you have never heard of that place, its in the south eastern indian ocean. Indeed very far from Texas….
I really don’t know how i came across your stories but i read several of them in a row. To tell you the truth i had never come across nice stories like yours since i started to look for gay stories on the net. Maybe i haven’t searched enough or maybe there are not many stories like i like them. But i really loved yours and wanted to tell you that i look forward to read more stories like those i read. These include: Blizzard, What’s meant to be, Just out of reach and wedding. I really like the way you build the stories and the characters in them. But i must admit that the US gay background differs greatly from here. Not that there is an established and stable gay society here but my experiences are very different. But i guess feelings doesn’t have any cultural barrier and so i spent great time reading your stories. I don’t know if you’ve experienced things that you’ve described so vidly in the story, but you sure did a great job in conveying the intensity of the feelings and i love that. I had read some other gay stories but was very deceived. What else to say?

Thanks for the good time, good luck for your new job and keep writing those great stories. I’m sure many people appreciate them.

oh!….and also happy new year…

36. Jon Writes:
I enjoyed the new story [Out From Behind the Camera]. I was a little shocked at the plot, mind you – just not your usual subject matter. Not that I minded, I was just a little thrown. I’ve enjoyed the different style plots, but I do miss the old one’s too. This is not a subtle effort at pushing you toward another Kris & Brad story. I promised. But I do miss the style. You know, the exploration of a couple’s relationship. Which isn’t just found in you Kris & Brad stuff. “Hot Sensatons” was also a good example of this. A very good example! Damn good story! But I also enjoyed the ‘Magic Chronicles’. Though not in the same way.

I’m beging to wonder just what you’ll do next. A mystery perhapse? Science fiction? I confess, I do get a little frustrated with these sexualy questionable characters that don’t “come out” until the end… but I’m egar to see what you’ll do next. I have only one request. Please stick to happy endings? I know life’s not like that. That’s the point. There are enough let downs in life… if I’m going to ‘escape’ into a story, I’d much rather have an unrealistic ending than a sad one. But that’s just me…

Keep up the good work! I can’t wait to read the next one. Also, if I can be of any help, just give me the word.


35. Jim Writes:
After receiving your notification of the new story,[The Wrong Crowd] it took me a few days to find the time to sit down and read it through. I have learned from past experiences when I read your work that I will need time to myself to read it through. The new work, well in the very begining I was not sure of what was going to happen, but as always you pull it together and come up with a story that well makes my heart long to find that one true love of my life, as I am getting older, I long to have the love that I had been denied all of my adult life. I hope someday, as the fairy Tales go, Live Happilie ever after in the arms of the man I love with all my heart. Keep up the good work and I will wait for the next notification to come about so that I can once again, dream of TRUE LOVE.

34. Sam Writes:
I just wanted to say, how much i have enjoyed the last few story’s, I like the gay mixed with the fantasy, asd a lover of both genre’s it’s good to see them mixed, I also love the fact that your story’s are rarely anyhting but about happy people………..

33. Jim Writes:
I have read everything that you have written so far, I have read Hot Sensations 3 times, each and every time I find new feelings and cry in areas, that I did not cry over before, I love the charaters, the love, compassion, and feelings between the gay charaters and the straight ones, I wish that all families could open up as most of the ones that you have do to there gay family members. I hope that my family accepts me as well when they find out in a few years as the families that you have written about. I was told of your work by a very good friend, and we have discussed them greatly, and long to have the love of our lives find us in some way or fashion. Keep up the great work and I look forward to reading more in the future

32. Bill Writes:
Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your story ‘Blizzard’–and all your others on the Nifty archive. You are a very talented writer. When I read your stories, I dont just think ‘this is a great story,’ I think ‘wow–this is so real–it had to have happened!’

31. Adreyn Writes:
I like your stories very much. They really are the only M/M stories I look forward to reading. I think most of all I like your character’s interaction and the fact that you include a true PLOT. Something many writers forget and also you attention to detail is exquisite. Keep them coming.

30. Jim Writes:
I read “Communication” today and I felt the need to write you about it. Having written some stories myself, I always like it when people respond with some kind of reaction. So, here’s mine 🙂 I really enjoyed the story. I was quite pleased with the relative lack of sex–too often such work is all sex with enough plot to break the scenes apart. I also truly enjoyed the characters’ interaction. . . . It was a very sweet story, and I am most grateful for the effort you put into it. If I have any criticism to give, it might be that I was left wondering what all the background was leading up to. I read about all this history, but it didn’t seem to serve much of a purpose, other than explaining the relationship, which was important. I also thought that the sex might have been a bit more protracted — as I said, I like that it didn’t go on for pages. But it also seemed a little odd that after all the anticipation of these two people getting together, particularly in a special place, they’d spend more time on such activities. I don’t know, that’s just what I would probably do 🙂 I thought maybe more balance between the beginning (history) and the end of the story might’ve made it flow a little better. I hope that’s the kind of comment you find useful. I really enjoyed it and will keep it to read again, and to serve as inspiration for my own writing. Many, many thanks for showing that there can be sensitive and thoughtful treatments of intimate human relationships. Please, keep writing 🙂

Thanks again,

29. Matt Writes:
Dear Mathis,
Your work is simply the best! They have so much heart, and soul, and love, and are so well written. They moves and touches, not just the senses, but feelings and emotions. They make me laugh, cry. They surround me in love, not to mention they are incredibly sexy and erotic too.

Before reading your story “Seashells” I had no idea what I was getting into. I was totally blown away! I had never read anything quite like it before. I could not put it down. I read it many times, each time saw and felt something new. I could tell the story is a fantasy of yours with you being Kris, because only you can give the character so much heart and spirit and soul. I felt it and it became my fantasy too. For the first time in my life, I felt love. It was so real I could almost touch it!

For those of us out there who are still searching for our own Brad and Kris, your story has become more than just another sex story. It provided hope, and inspiration, and let us know that love still exists in this world. After the sexual gratification is satisfied, I did not walk away with an empty feeling, instead, I felt that warm and fuzzy feeling, all tingling. I cannot even describe it, because I am not a writer. But I know you know what I am talking about.

Like those people who were devastated after learning that Cliff is retiring, I was so upset after learning that the Cruise is going to the last chapter of the Brad/Kris romance. I felt lost, like a part of me is leaving. Cruise is really a Cliff/Rex story; I was hungry for more of Kris and Brad. I am certain that many readers out there feel the same way. Cliff/Rex just do not touch me the same way that Brad/Kris do. Brad and Kris are not rich and famous; their romance is more real, at least to me, because I could feel it. I do not know if you wrote this intentionally, but Kris is simply a nicer guy than Cliff, more approachable, and has so much more heart and soul. I feel for Chris but not Cliff. Weird, isn’t it. However, they have a lot of similarities. I can tell they are both “you”, but you surely put a whole lot more into Kris. I know Kris is supposed to be just a fictional character, but I think I learned so much about you by reading Kris. I bet you are an excellent cook and don’t care much for yard work and you dream job would be a computer engineer/consultant. Am I right?

Please Matt, please consider writing another chapter of Bard and Kris, I felt they have so much left undone although their love is complete. Well, their love was complete at the beginning of Shipwrecked anyway. There could still be character development with so many wonderful characters. Maybe you are tired of Kris and Brad, and then I read the Wedding, the characters are really Kris and Brad with different names and jobs, so I know you have also felt deeply for Kris and Brad. You said the proofreading is getting to you, please, I will volunteer to proofread for you. Since I am so familiar with all the Brad/Kris stories, I promise I will do a good job. Please, Matt?

No matter what happens, I cannot thank you enough for introducing Kris and Bard and their little world to me. In a way, you have made our own world a little better by showing us love.

Your devoted reader,

28. TLD Writes:
I just wanted to express my feelings after having read your stories, Halloween and Uncle Troy’s Magic Touch. I have read a lot of the material that people post to the archives. I also enjoy reading a lot of the material that is printed in book form, though that is far more difficult to run across when you demand gay positive heros and a really good storyline. First I think that your stories are some of the best online ones I have read. They have a storyline that carries them through well, and enough excitement to amuse and entertain. But there is a style you manage that fascinates me. You have a way of taking the absurd and making it real and believeable and more than that, even charming. The way that you worked the time adjustments into the fabric of the story and managed not to bring it down was impressive. The way you took us to Jupiter for hot springs and ski slopes traveling through moons and didnt get tangled in explanations that would have weighed a nifty tale down were appreciated. I am a confirmed romantic so I also enjoyed the end of the tale. I hope that this commentary does not offend you. I just had to let you know I honestly got a chuckle and and some joy from your work.

27. Lizzie Writes:
It is now by the clock… 4AM. I was forced to stay up and read your work… its an obsession.. . I just wanted to say that I think you are a very talented writer and an extreme romantic <I’m guilty of that too…I look forward to you publishing a book or more… I know a lot of people who would love to buy your work. I just wanted to say thank you, before I fall asleep on the keyboard, for writing all these wonderful literature and publishing it on the web. I can’t wait for your next story…
Yours in gratitude,

26. Ian Writes:
Brilliant stories! I particularly enjoy the fact that the stories are actually a decent size, and that they don’t end after the first one or two screenfuls of text – you can actually get involved with the storylines. The work that has gone into the stories is evident, but the results are well worth it. Hopefully, you will soon enjoy the acclaim you deserve and get something professionally published – as an author myself, I know how frustrating the wait can be. Don’t give up – your work is good enough that it will eventually get accepted, somewhere!
All the best,

25. Geoff Writes:
Really enjoy your writing and am thnkful for someone who can write love stories without the violence and crudities that other authors seem to feel are necessary. Keep it up.

24. Angel Writes:
Just absolutely love your stories. Love the plot, story line, well developed characters, how they interact with each other, but most of all, I love the romance and tenderness between the lovers. A million thanks for gifting us readers with such outstanding and lovely to the point of heartbreak stories.

23. Karl Writes:
I am a mega fan of your stories. I first read your stories from the nifty archives. I just love your stories becoz yours unlike others, don’t talk much about the sex part but stress more on the establishing of relationship and the budding of true love. I like romance and your stories are just my cup of tea. I love especially the Brad and Kris stories. Why don’t you write more about them. Karl.

22. Ed Writes:
I just wanted to write to you quickly to let you know how much I love your stories. I just finished reading Halloween 2, and I loved it as much as all of your other stories. Although I hate to admit it, my favorites are Climb To The Top and all of the ones involving Kris and Brad. It’s so nice to be able to read stories that actually get into the characters lives, and are not just about sex, sex, and more sex.

Keep up the great work.

21. Jonathan Writes:
Dear Mr. Rogers, I wanted to tank you for your talent and the courage to use it. I dearly enjoy the fiction that you’ve written (that I’ve read). I just read “Blizzard” this week. I enjoyed it immensely! It was exciting, sexy, romantic, and just plain fun to read! I had read “Shipwrecked” and “Seashells” in the past and fell in love with the characters. When I began reading “Climb To The Top” this week, I was a but disappointed when I found it wasn’t about Kris and Brad. But that soon faded. What a wonderful story. I could feel the love between Cliff and Rex, I felt the sadness, the horror, the fear that these characters were going through. This story had me crying more than once, and not always from sadness. You made me feel this story. I am so grateful for the effort you put into this work. “The Honeymoon” took me back to Kris and Brad. Thank you. I enjoy them so much. “The Concert” brought these two wonderful couples together. Wow! I loved the story, though I had been wishing for a bit more dialog between Cliff, Rex, Bard, and Kris. I beg you! Don’t make this Brad & Kris’ last story! Please! And I do want to read more of Rex & Cliff too. The ending for the last story seemed a little “pushed”. Like it didn’t quite fit. Don’t let it end here?! I enjoy your writing so much! Your ability to bring out my emotions, while still keeping it sexy. It is so absolutely hot when Kris finally tops Brad, and yet so tender at the same time. I’d love to see how you’d write a story where Cliff, Rex, Kris, and Brad are the main characters – all in the same story….. something like a vacation that they all 4 take together. I’d just love to see the character dynamics that you could draw out of those 4 playing off each other. I am not suggesting swapping partners, something like that would ruin it. The love you’ve given these characters is key. Please don’t drop the characters!?

20. “Ethan” Writes:
I just read the Honeymoon and you did it again!! What a wonderful story. The relationship you’ve created between Kris and Brad is terrific. I’ve read Shipwrecked, Sea Shells and The Honeymoon. (My favorites!) I have wrote to you before…but I have to tell you again THANK YOU for writing such terrific stories. Your writing gives me hope that one day I might meet the man of my dreams and live happily ever after!! Keep up the good work!!

19. “M. G.” Writes:
Hi, Mathis, I think it’s about time to say a fullhearted THANK YOU. I managed reading your stories shipwrecked, seaschells, climb to top and honeymoon the last couple of days. I’m really impressed and _do_ love these stories, It is not so easy, to find stories with the theme Love instead of just and only sex – and I find this in your stories. Please excuse my english, it’s not my native language (that is German), but I hope, I could express myself.

18. “AJ” Writes:
I have really enjoyed these stories. The first gay stories I ever read were slash fanfic. They seem to lack romance and concentrate on sex mostly. (NOT a bad thing in itself!) ‘Though I have been reading them, I really think yours are more interesting because you let me into a lifestyle too often exaggerated in ficton. Your characters are strong and insecure at times as we all are; they seem to be complete and one can see them exsisting off the page. I especially enjoy the “Shipwrecked” arc. I always enjoy a continuing series. If I find some people I like, I always like to visit some more and see how they are getting along. I hope you plan to continue with these two. Thank you for your work. Looks to me like you should have a great future with your writing.

17. “P” Writes:
I almost skipped Hot Sensations due to Rob’s comments [below]. I had it downloaded for a couple of weeks. But I decided to decide for myself. He’s wrong. Actually, the dialog he found excessive (radio/tv coverage of the tornado and thunder storm) made it more true and interesting. Especially living in the midwest. that’s what we do…turn the radio on to see where the storm is and where it’s going! I also didn’t have a problem with the boss thing. I think that’s the way jobs go. I like the characters and the more the merrier. Gays live in the real world with all the rest of us, so why leave them out? Keep up the good work! Thanks

16. “ROB” Writes:
What a great story [Climb to the Top]. You did it again. You have a way of making your readers really care what happens to the characters you’ve created. And not only the main characters but the minor ones as well. You weave a lovely romantic story that I wish could go on forever. And I really enjoyed the plot – a gay country western singer. Wow, you could really take this to a lot of different places. You come up with such unique story lines, I love ’em.

15. “Lulu” Writes:
Hi Mathis, I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your fiction. I’ve read all the stories I found on your page and at the Nifty archive. I’m especially fond of “Blizzard”, “Shipwrecked”, and “Storm”. The love you created between the characters and the way in which they care for each other is a joy to behold. The stories I mentioned pulse strong with this concept so I guess that is why I liked them so well. Your words spin a beautiful tale and I find it easy to exist there. For some reason, I picture Tom Selleck as the protector in your stories but I have a harder time with the smaller blond one. :^)
Thank you for sharing,

Tom Selleck as Magnum P.I.

Click on photo for copyright and more information.

Author’s Note: Tom Selleck (above) is basis for the “protector” that I have pictured for these stories.

The smaller blond is – in case you can’t tell – really me – or the me that I wish to be again.

However, I am attempting to write these stories so that the reader is that character.

For those who are interested, my vision of “Brad” is Randy Potter, the BowFlex guy. (below)

14. N. H. Writes:
Hi, I just wanted to complement you on a story well done. The story in question is “NEW TOWN”. It was extremely well written and I wanted to know if you had written more, and if you had where I might be able to find them, thank you.

13. David Writes:
The most I like in your stories are the easy acceptance of the gay characters by the others(but I have to admit that some instances are too easy though) and the “not intentional” move of Davids toward Scotts…especially in “Storm”…for me it is the most natural one because neither of them know each other before but unlike in “Weekend” they have more time to know each other.

12. Jeff Writes:
What a fabulous story!!!
I have just finished reading “Blizzard.” Thank you, thank you, thank you for a truly beautiful story. Being a hopeless romantic, your story has my heart beating soundly and my spirit soaring. What an exceptional piece of writing!

11. Erica Writes:
I just read your story, Blizzard, (I’m guessing it’s your story) and I just wanted to tell you how touching it was. I am not gay, nor am I male, but I enjoy reading. It hooked me right from the very start, all the emotion and tenderness is very apparent. Have you written any more? I won’t keep you here, but I just wanted to let you know how much I loved it, and if you are not already a published author, then you definately should be. Love/Romance is alot better than just plain sex and you portrayed the emotions beautifully. You almost made me cry! *smile*

Keep up your writing, you are very talented, and don’t let anybody tell you any differently.

10. Chicle Writes:
Hi Mathis,
Thanks very much for your lovely stories. Your style is superb and I really enjoyed all of them. Of course I preferred the “one handed” ones being more stimulating to me. Please forward any other stories you have written especially if they are a bit more sexually explicit (my only mild critic, sorry).

9. James Writes:
how are you? my name is James i am 22yo and i am from Australia. I came accross to one of your writing called “The Wedding”. I think its a beautiful story and i loved it. In fact i read it last night. it makes me weep and laugh and well u know what…he! he!

i am not sure why am i writing this.. i guess because the story touches me so much that i wanna say thanks and keep on the good work.

8. Y.L Writes:
I have been reading your stories as posted onto the nifty archives and I must say that they are very good indeed. Unfortunately they are few and far between, but I guess quality is much better than quantity 🙂

I like your characterisations and the fact that your protagonists have really supportive families; which while not rare, is hardly common even today. We certainly need more of these positive stories, especially those with happy endings. We get so few of these in contemporary gay fiction. Keep up the excellent work. And THANKS!

7. B. K. Writes:
Hello Mathis!
I am writing to you from Bombay, India. I normally download my stories from the net, read them and j/o and do whatever it is that I normally do.

I got down to reading your story, “A Week’s Vacation”, and somehow got involved in it, and kept reading it..on and on… By the time I was thru with it, I had tears in my eyes and I simply fell in love with your story and its characters.

I just cant help myself and here I am writing to you, wanting you to know, that I loved your story and I thank you for the good time your story brought to me.
Thank You Again!

6. Bill Writes:
Dear Mr. M.B. Rogers,
Just a note to say that I have just finished reading “Shipwrecked,” and want to thank you for you offering to the gay community. I have admired your work since I first started visiting the Nifty Archives and hope someday to be able to write as well as you do.

One thing I did especially want to mention was the strength of your character in “Shipwrecked”. Kris appears to be a very strong bottom, which I appreciate very much. After all, not all of us bottoms are wimps and the characterization of Kris seems to present a stronger bottom than I have seen in your other writings.

Really love your relationship themes. They bring hope to so many gay men in the world who with the help of your writings will not settle for less than the best.

5. A.A. Writes:
…between the 3 stories, [Shipwrecked, Blizzard and Storm] i like blizzard the best. but i like Shipwrecked because it has a part on the boat, where Brad and Kris was in the bedroom in the ship. Brad jumped onto the bed first and then said, “Hurry honey, i need to hold you,”…waaa, that’s a very touching moment and i keep reading it again and again and again….

4. “Rob” Writes:
I just finished Sea Shells. I loved it. So romantic, so sexy,so…so…GOOD! I especially loved the scene where Kris fucks Brad and they’re both not sure how to handle it. You’ve got yourself another sequel here with this.

3. “M.” from Australia, Writes:
I enjoyed the story [Sea Shells] very much. At first I thought that there was going to be real trouble in paradise…but the balance was soon restored…and after my second cup of coffee, I didn’t think that you were implying anything too sinister with your choice of words and metaphors. (ie Tony, the change of weather, and the whole “topping” thing). Amazing what a little more caffine can do for your point of view.

You know, it is strange, I know that these guys are just charscters that you have invented, but sometimes I feel a little intrusive by reading about them. They are so attuned to each other, it seems as though they deserve a little privacy! But they are such a cute couple, very nurturing, that I can’t resist!

2. Chris Writes:
Your stories are very well structured, and are believable. You give a story structure and relationships. Not wham bam thank you man. Thank you for sharing them with us.

1. “Rob” Writes:
Hi Matt,
Okay, finally finished Hot Sensation. You want comments. I’ve got comments.

1. While the story was, for the most part, well written and you obviously spent a lot of time and energy on it, it was much, much too long. Matt, if you cut HALF the story out, you would have a much better story on your hands. There just was an excess of superfluous dialogue that was totally unnecessary and didn’t help further the story or plot at all. (The radio dialogue about the tornado for one – much too long and needless.)

2. I was also waiting for the direction the story was going – something you’ve done well in all of your other stories but was completely missing here, I thought. There was no main plot, not one (or two even) points of focus just lots (emphasis of lots) of smaller vignettes throughout. I guess that’s exactly what I felt this story was – a series of vignettes all strung together. As I said before, you’ve done this in your other stories and I can’t figure out why you didn’t here. For instance, you could make the main plot Mark and Marty finding out they loved each other with all the other plotlines supporting that. There were so many subplots that many were left unresolved – is Marty fired or not? The buildup of a confrontation with his boss went nowhere. I thought it was an indication of a future conflict but it wasn’t. That scene then became totally useless for the most part or could be cut down to a paragraph or two.

3. On the whole, it was a good story. It just needs a lot more editing besides the obvious errors you’ve already pointed out or caught. You certainly have a way painting a picture with your words. Something I’ve always enjoyed in all of your stories. And you do make the reader get caught up in the emotions of the characters as well.

4. Your touches of humor throughout were great.

Matt, I was disappointed with Hot Sensations but only because I know how well you can write. And you have the makings of a good story here but only with more of your hard work – perhaps the hardest of all; cutting down your own words.

I hope I haven’t offended. It certainly was not my intention to do after you’ve been kind enough to send me your stories. And if you haven’t asked for comments, I probably would have just said thanks – nice story. But I sense you truly are interested in people’s feedback so you can make your stories better and, in doing so, become a better writer.

Keep up the good work,

Note about this comment, from Mathis: I felt I should post this entire message just to prove that I do get good constructive comments that aren’t always what most people think an author wants to hear :-). And, unfortunately “Rob” is correct and I will have to do a re-write of this story, but I’m not sure when I’ll do that.

I am very grateful for every one who has taken the time to let me know they enjoyed and why, or didn’t enjoy and why, my writings. I feel that all of these comments are helping me to improve in my writing. One day I know I will be a published author. Even if I don’t get published, rest assured that I will continue to write and post my stories here. I also have discovered, thanks to another faithful reader, that there are several mistakes in most of my stories, since I usually don’t have an editor. I will one day sit down and correct the ones he found, but for now, I’m not sure when that will be.

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