I went to the Texas Back Institute in Plano last week to find out what is going on with my back and legs. I just need some physical therapy, no surgery. And I can get a physical therapist here in Lubbock. I'll start the search for that next week.

Anyway, when I got home, I had received a royalty check from the publisher. It's not much, but that covers the royalties "Frank Sol" made on the story he stole. In a couple of months I'll get any royalties on the reprint of my story and hopefully soon I'll get the other stories published and will be making money on them, too.



As you know if you are on my notification list, I found another publisher who is willing to publish some of my other stories. After I finish "Golden Locket: The Cruise" I will begin working on another story that will be in a collection that they'll publish. Meanwhile, they'll publish another story that I have ready and a Novel that I have ready. Keep looking here or ask me to add you to my list if you're not already on it, so you'll be kept abreast of what's going on.

Have a great night.


4-26-2010: Hello all!
I have just posted a new story. “A Second Chance” I hope you enjoy it.
Thanks for reading.Mathis…

3-26-2010: I received my contract for the “Scott Campbell and David Bennett” Collection series this morning.I haven’t had a chance to go through it yet, but will later today.

As you probably noticed, I spent yesterday evening updating my website.Please let me know if you have any usability issues with it. I was receiving reports that people without java were not able to use the menu, so I have removed the java menus.

Posted by Mathis B. Rogers at 4:55 AM

3-23-10: The publisher has offered to publish my stories into eBook format.I have agreed to this and have already emailed her my “Scott Campbell and David Bennett Collection Series”. I might change the names of the characters since there is really not anything connected in these stories except for the names of the characters.I’ve asked her to see if she thinks that would be better than making a collection series book of out it.I will keep you informed here as to what I decide to do. Since I do have 37 stories here, I will let her publish all of them. They will be sold at Amazon.com and I will let you know the other places she pushes them to.

Update! 3-3-2010: The publisher emailed me and has removed the story from everywhere it was posted. They will be sending me any royalties that were made on the story. Because the publisher took care of it quickly, I will not press charges against Frank Sol.at this time, but I have found a lawyer who is willing to represent me if it happens again.

Thanks again to those readers who found it and promptly notified me.

Posted by Mathis B. Rogers at 5:14 PM

3-1-2010: I have just found out that someone stole my story, “Storm” and is selling it on Amazon.com and through the eBook publisher. I am NOT Frank Sol and I have reported him to Amazon.com. Thanks to those who contacted me about this. Plagiarism is a crime and he will be prosecuted. I post my stories here for reader’s enjoyment. I do not get paid for these stories, and I do not expect my readers to steal them from me. It not only angers me that someone did this, but it hurts my feelings, too. I hate to think I’ll have to stop posting my stories for free just to keep the thieves from trying to make a profit off my hard work.

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