A Hot Day on the South Plains

4/25/2012 7:25 PM

Hi, all.


We broke the record today here in Lubbock, and hit 104. Other cities in the area reported 106. I managed to stay inside so I didn't "suffer" from the heat. Went to Plainview with a friend this morning and worked on another friends' computer, then had lunch with her. Got back at a decent hour and actually managed to stay on my couch all afternoon and didn't hurt, (yet) either.


I've been staying busy by going to writers group meetings and writing every chance I get. If you've been around for a while or read my Reader's Comments page, you may recall that I got tired of the Shipwrecked series several years ago (last story was Shipwrecked: Thunder in Paradise written in 2004) and didn't want to continue it. Well, as I have said previously, after I got into the "final finale" called Shipwrecked: Family Reunion I decided to re-write the entire series from Brad's point of view and it's called Shipwrecked: The Chronicles of Brad. This has not only "rejuvenated" my love for the series and characters, I'm actually enjoying writing it. I just finished Honeymoon from Brad's POV and am getting ready to start on The Concert. Don't worry though, if you've already read the first eight stories, you'll want to re-read them because I'm changing and adding a lot throughout the series, and, since it's was in 2010 that I took them down, you've probably forgotten most of the story anyway and will enjoy the read. Since I've actually "come out" and admitted that Jefferson is 165 miles south east of Seattle, I figure I need to make a few drastic changes to the story in regards to Winchester. However, I need Winchester to be the way and where it is–100 miles south of Jefferson–so I probably won't. After all, it's fiction so someone told me it really doesn't matter. I have added several things that Kris didn't mention so it's not only a lot longer, but a lot more informative and everyone will get to know the couple better. I do have someone who is editing/proof reading the collection as I go, so it will be much better than the way it was when I first wrote everything, but the entire collection is going to be over 1200 pages. I found somewhere on Createspace that their page limit is 893, so I doubt that I'll be able to offer it as a print book. As you know, I'm terrible with deadlines, but I'm "aiming" for October 14th for the release date because that is Kris and Brad's anniversary. They will have been together for 17 years and it's been 15 years since I started the series. It's actually a bit difficult to try to write the technology set in the late 90s now that we're in the 2012s. A lot has changed in the last 15 years.


I have been contemplating changing the name of my website. Now that I don't post my stories on the site, I really don't think Stories on the Web is a good name for it. However, you can still get my stories by going there and then clicking the link to the eBooks. But I don't know what a good name would be. I guess eBooks by Mathis would be the best name. If you have any suggestions, use my comments form on my website to let me know.


I was looking for something in the top of the closet a couple of weeks ago and found a story I wrote in the mid-80s. I didn't name it and it's not one of my "normal" stories. I will probably wait until I'm done with The Chronicles of Brad before revisiting and publishing it. It's about 15 pages, so it'll be a .99 one. Might also wait until I have time and rewrite it. We shall see.


Hope you're enjoying your Spring, wherever you are.



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