Update on Mother and other things

Wednesday, 16 March 2011 12:15 PM


Just a quick note to let you know what's going on. I'm still happily unemployed. There are no jobs around here that I'm either interested in or qualified for. Even the Texas Workforce Commission isn't sending me any leads. But I'm doing okay.

I got a call from the Prairie House in Plainview a few weeks ago and they said that since Mother isn't trying to get out any more, that she didn't need to be in lock up (the secure Alzheimer's unit). So I decided it'd be okay to bring her to Lubbock. She's in a nice place here that is about 4.3 miles from my house. So I can go see her more frequently. Unfortunately, the new place called me yesterday and told me that she seems to have forgotten how to swallow. I will have to discuss my options with my aunt before making any decisions. about putting in a feeding tube. At least she's closer and I'm not working, so I can spend more time with her now.

Now the good news!

I finally found an artist to do my eCovers. He's in Russia and his website is nitrocovers.com

I got him to create an eCover for "The Wedding" and I love it! I submitted it in eBook format to Amazon's Kindle publishing area yesterday, so as soon as it gets published, I'll put the cover on my front page. I found a place called myecovers.com that I used to create the "book" looking covers that were published by my publisher. I never did like just the flat ecover, so I am glad I was able to create the 3D book look.

I also found an editor and she's in the process of editing "The Mysterious Bed" for me. So I have nitrocovers working on a cover for it.

And, yes, I have been spending so much time on all this that I haven't had too much time to be working on "The Golden Locket: The Cruise" but I will get back to it and get it posted.

Take care and I'll keep you informed.




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