Shipwrecked, Climb to the Top Collection Series

Shipwrecked/Climb to the Top Collection Series

Kristopher Brown

Kristopher Martin Brown is a 22-year old Gay Male, who works at ICC—International Computer Company—as a Telephone Technical Support agent, in Jefferson, Washington.

Bradley Peterson

Bradley Allen Peterson is a 22-year old gay male, who works at Jefferson Bank and Trust as their IT, in Jefferson, Washington.

Cliff Richmond

Cliff Richmond is a gay male, who is trying to make it in the Country Music business.

Rex Edwards
Preston Townsen

Rex Edwards is a computer programmer who also works as a nude male model for Stallion Studios, under the name of Preston Townsen.

These stories contain Adult Content. 

You must be at least 18, or of age in your country to read them.

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Kristopher Brown and Bradley Peterson experience the not-so easy life of a young gay couple living in the Pacific Northwest.

Meanwhile, Cliff Richmond is attempting to “Climb to the Top” of the Country and Western scene, but he is outed as being gay and, to make matters worse, his lover is a nude male model.

This is a collection of 10 stories. This collection contains adult content. You must be at least 18 or of age in your country to read these stories. Since this is a series, it is best to read them in the order listed


Kris Brown and his lover, Brad Peterson go for a ride on Brad’s parent’s new house boat and get caught in a storm. Brad hasn’t informed his family that he is gay, so Kris and Brad have to pretend to be “just friends.”

This is Book 1 in the “Shipwrecked/Climb to the Top” Collection Series.

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This story got a review from Lady Cyrrh Annex Reviews in March 1998

Here is the review Please note: this website is down as of 11/28/22. If you click the above link, you will get a 404 not found error, so I have included the review here.

Shipwrecked [A+]
Author: Mathis B. Rogers

… this story dealt with romance and the familial repercussions of being gay in contemporary society…more of a domestic fantasy than a sexual one, though there was a lot of sex (they say “I love you” over 50 times.) Kris, the young narrator, has been living with Brad, his lover, for two years, but Brad’s parents haven’t realized their son is gay and that Kris is not “just” a roomate. When Brad’s family invites the two to spend the weekend on their boat, they reluctantly, agree, knowing how hard it will be to keep it a secret. Complicating matters is Chad, Brad’s identical twin brother, who has also been asked along, and complicating things further is the freak storm that strikes, washing the boat ashore on a desert isle. (Stop singing the “Gilligan’s Island” theme.) The rest of the story deals with the aftermath, the “coming out” of the young couple, and how Brad’s parents and twin brother react to this.

It’s hard not to like this story even if you don’t like gay fiction, because the characters were simply so *nice.* I felt I knew them as neighbors. There was even a touch of sly familial sexual humor running throughout:

Mr. Peterson turned in his seat and looked Brad up and down as
we climbed into the car. “No wonder those shorts had a hole in
them, son,” he said. “They’re so tight that they’ll split if you
get a boner. Couldn’t you find any decent clothes to wear?”

“Thanks, Mom,” Brad chided, before turning to his father.
“You shouldn’t talk like that in front of Mom, Dad.”

Mr. Peterson turned around and adjusted his seat belt. “Why
not?” he asked. “She knows what a boner is. Hell, if she didn’t
enjoy playing with mine, you wouldn’t be here.”

(No, there’s no incest!)

All in all, a feelgood story with roots in real life.


Brad talks Kris’s father, who is a helicopter pilot for Kilgore Search and Rescue, into flying the couple out to Kilgore Island to celebrate their second anniversary.

This is Book 2 in the “Shipwrecked/Climb to the Top” Collection Series.

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Climb to the Top

Country singer, Cliff Richmond is trying to make it in show biz when he is outed as not only being gay, but his lover, Preston Townsen, is a nude male model. Will the public let Cliff become the star he has always dreamed of becoming, or will the homophobic rednecks kill him just because he’s gay?

Follow Cliff’s journey to Country Music stardom in the redneck town of Timber Creek, Oklahoma. Cliff’s Manager, Michael, sweeps him and his band off on a cross-country tour right into the heart of the Bible Belt, where the fans are few and far between.

This is Book 3 in the “Shipwrecked/Climb to the Top” Collection Series.

Please note: Kris and Brad are not in this story, but the stories come together in Book 4:The Honeymoon.

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The Honeymoon

Sequel to Seashells and Climb to the Top. Gary Jones (from Climb to the Top) and his family visit his grandparents in Jefferson for Thanksgiving and afterwards, his cousin, Kris Brown and Kris’ lover, Brad Peterson, go to Redwood, Wyoming for their honeymoon.

This is Book 4 in the “Shipwrecked/Climb to the Top” Collection Series

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The Concert

Brad and Kris go to Phoenix to visit Brad’s grandparents and to see a concert put on by Cliff and The Cowboys. Brad’s grandparents don’t know he’s gay, so they have to play “just friends” again. However, Cliff has a problem with a radio reporter and accidentally “drags Brad out of the closet.” Will Brad leave Kris just because his grandparents don’t approve?

This is Book 5 in the “Shipwrecked/Climb to the Top” Collection Series.

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The Cruise

Cliff and Rex take their wedding cruise to Hawaii. Gary Jones flies to Jefferson for his grandparents’ 56th wedding anniversary and stays with his cousin, Kris Brown, and Kris’ lover, Brad Peterson, in their new house.

This is Book 6 in the “Shipwrecked/Climb to the Top” Collection Series.

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Rescue at Smuggler’s Cove

When a storm hits Jefferson, the couple joins Kris’ Dad in the helicopter and rush out to Smuggler’s Cove for the rescue. They are surprised to discover who the victim is.

This is Book 7 in the “Shipwrecked/Climb to the Top” Collection Series.

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Thunder in Paradise

Jefferson Bank and Trust has a new accounts manager. Just what hold does she have over Brad? In a tearful rage, will Kris take the promotion that he’s offered with ICC, even though it requires him to go to Switzerland for three months?

This is Book 8 in the “Shipwrecked/Climb to the Top” Collection Series.

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Family Reunion

The Petersons, and Kris, are joined by the Chestnuts as they take a plane to Miami, Florida for the Peterson Family Reunion. Upon returning to Jefferson, they help Garth move in with Dan and they celebrate Katherine Brown’s birthday.

This is Book 9 in the “Shipwrecked/Climb to the Top” Collection Series.

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The Chronicles of Brad

As a special bonus, we revisit the series from Brad’s POV (Point of View). Find out how Brad felt when he first laid eyes on Kris, and other times when something happened during the series. Plus, he divulges other things that happened when Kris either wasn’t around or didn’t mention.

This is the Series Finalè for the “Shipwrecked/Climb to the Top” Collection Series.

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