July Summer/Winter Read a Book Sale

It's that time again!

All of my books are at both Amazon for Kindle editions and Smashwords for all eReader formats including Kindle.

Each year during July, Smashwords has a “July Summer/Winter Sale” where authors can list their eBooks at a discounted price, or just to add them to the promotion to sell them at regular price, if they prefer.

Once again this year, I have added all of my “Adult” eBooks to the list for 1/2 price—except for the ones I have already listed at 99¢.  Those are listed, but are still 99¢.

If you haven’t managed to pick up all of my eBooks yet, this is a good opportunity for you to get them.

You can go directly (never go straight) to my Smashwords Profile to see the list and get them there.

My Non-Adult stories are also on sale.

Again, this sale is only on Smashwords from July 1 through July 31, so you won’t be able to get eBooks for a discount anywhere else.

Also, be sure to Sign up for my notification list, so you will receive an email when I release new books.

Happy Reading,


PS: If you’re curious as to why Smashwords calls it “Summer/Winter” when it’s only for the month of July, they are world-wide and some places are actually having winter right now.

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