14. N. H. Writes:
Hi, I just wanted to complement you on a story well done. The story in question is "NEW TOWN". It was extremely well written and I wanted to know if you had written more, and if you had where I might be able to find them, thank you.

13. David Writes:
The most I like in your stories are the easy acceptance of the gay characters by the others(but I have to admit that some instances are too easy though) and the "not intentional" move of Davids toward Scotts...especially in "Storm"...for me it is the most natural one because neither of them know each other before but unlike in "Weekend" they have more time to know each other.

12. Jeff Writes:
What a fabulous story!!!
I have just finished reading "Blizzard." Thank you, thank you, thank you for a truly beautiful story. Being a hopeless romantic, your story has my heart beating soundly and my spirit soaring. What an exceptional piece of writing!

11. Erica Writes:
I just read your story, Blizzard, (I'm guessing it's your story) and I just wanted to tell you how touching it was. I am not gay, nor am I male, but I enjoy reading. It hooked me right from the very start, all the emotion and tenderness is very apparent. Have you written any more? I won't keep you here, but I just wanted to let you know how much I loved it, and if you are not already a published author, then you definately should be. Love/Romance is alot better than just plain sex and you portrayed the emotions beautifully. You almost made me cry! *smile*

Keep up your writing, you are very talented, and don't let anybody tell you any differently.

10. Chicle Writes:
Hi Mathis,
Thanks very much for your lovely stories. Your style is superb and I really enjoyed all of them. Of course I preferred the "one handed" ones being more stimulating to me. Please forward any other stories you have written especially if they are a bit more sexually explicit (my only mild critic, sorry).

9. James Writes:
how are you? my name is James i am 22yo and i am from Australia. I came accross to one of your writing called "The Wedding". I think its a beautiful story and i loved it. In fact i read it last night. it makes me weep and laugh and well u know what...he! he!

i am not sure why am i writing this.. i guess because the story touches me so much that i wanna say thanks and keep on the good work.

8. Y.L Writes:
I have been reading your stories as posted onto the nifty archives and I must say that they are very good indeed. Unfortunately they are few and far between, but I guess quality is much better than quantity :)

I like your characterisations and the fact that your protagonists have really supportive families; which while not rare, is hardly common even today. We certainly need more of these positive stories, especially those with happy endings. We get so few of these in contemporary gay fiction. Keep up the excellent work. And THANKS!

7. B. K. Writes:
Hello Mathis!
I am writing to you from Bombay, India. I normally download my stories from the net, read them and j/o and do whatever it is that I normally do.

I got down to reading your story, "A Week's Vacation", and somehow got involved in it, and kept reading it..on and on... By the time I was thru with it, I had tears in my eyes and I simply fell in love with your story and its characters.

I just cant help myself and here I am writing to you, wanting you to know, that I loved your story and I thank you for the good time your story brought to me.
Thank You Again!

6. Bill Writes:
Dear Mr. M.B. Rogers,
Just a note to say that I have just finished reading "Shipwrecked," and want to thank you for you offering to the gay community. I have admired your work since I first started visiting the Nifty Archives and hope someday to be able to write as well as you do.

One thing I did especially want to mention was the strength of your character in "Shipwrecked". Kris appears to be a very strong bottom, which I appreciate very much. After all, not all of us bottoms are wimps and the characterization of Kris seems to present a stronger bottom than I have seen in your other writings.

Really love your relationship themes. They bring hope to so many gay men in the world who with the help of your writings will not settle for less than the best.

5. A.A. Writes:
...between the 3 stories, [Shipwrecked, Blizzard and Storm] i like blizzard the best. but i like Shipwrecked because it has a part on the boat, where Brad and Kris was in the bedroom in the ship. Brad jumped onto the bed first and then said, "Hurry honey, i need to hold you,"...waaa, that's a very touching moment and i keep reading it again and again and again....

4. "Rob" Writes:
I just finished Sea Shells. I loved it. So romantic, so sexy,so...so...GOOD! I especially loved the scene where Kris fucks Brad and they're both not sure how to handle it. You've got yourself another sequel here with this.

3. "M." from Australia, Writes:
I enjoyed the story [Sea Shells] very much. At first I thought that there was going to be real trouble in paradise...but the balance was soon restored...and after my second cup of coffee, I didn't think that you were implying anything too sinister with your choice of words and metaphors. (ie Tony, the change of weather, and the whole "topping" thing). Amazing what a little more caffine can do for your point of view.

You know, it is strange, I know that these guys are just charscters that you have invented, but sometimes I feel a little intrusive by reading about them. They are so attuned to each other, it seems as though they deserve a little privacy! But they are such a cute couple, very nurturing, that I can't resist!

2. Chris Writes:
Your stories are very well structured, and are believable. You give a story structure and relationships. Not wham bam thank you man. Thank you for sharing them with us.

1. "Rob" Writes:
Hi Matt,
Okay, finally finished Hot Sensation. You want comments. I've got comments.

1. While the story was, for the most part, well written and you obviously spent a lot of time and energy on it, it was much, much too long. Matt, if you cut HALF the story out, you would have a much better story on your hands. There just was an excess of superfluous dialogue that was totally unnecessary and didn't help further the story or plot at all. (The radio dialogue about the tornado for one - much too long and needless.)

2. I was also waiting for the direction the story was going - something you've done well in all of your other stories but was completely missing here, I thought. There was no main plot, not one (or two even) points of focus just lots (emphasis of lots) of smaller vignettes throughout. I guess that's exactly what I felt this story was - a series of vignettes all strung together. As I said before, you've done this in your other stories and I can't figure out why you didn't here. For instance, you could make the main plot Mark and Marty finding out they loved each other with all the other plotlines supporting that. There were so many subplots that many were left unresolved - is Marty fired or not? The buildup of a confrontation with his boss went nowhere. I thought it was an indication of a future conflict but it wasn't. That scene then became totally useless for the most part or could be cut down to a paragraph or two.

3. On the whole, it was a good story. It just needs a lot more editing besides the obvious errors you've already pointed out or caught. You certainly have a way painting a picture with your words. Something I've always enjoyed in all of your stories. And you do make the reader get caught up in the emotions of the characters as well.

4. Your touches of humor throughout were great.

Matt, I was disappointed with Hot Sensations but only because I know how well you can write. And you have the makings of a good story here but only with more of your hard work - perhaps the hardest of all; cutting down your own words.

I hope I haven't offended. It certainly was not my intention to do after you've been kind enough to send me your stories. And if you haven't asked for comments, I probably would have just said thanks - nice story. But I sense you truly are interested in people's feedback so you can make your stories better and, in doing so, become a better writer.

Keep up the good work,

Note about this comment, from Mathis: I felt I should post this entire message just to prove that I do get good constructive comments that aren't always what most people think an author wants to hear :-). And, unfortunately "Rob" is correct and I will have to do a re-write of this story, but I'm not sure when I'll do that.

I am very grateful for every one who has taken the time to let me know they enjoyed and why, or didn't enjoy and why, my writings. I feel that all of these comments are helping me to improve in my writing. One day I know I will be a published author. Even if I don't get published, rest assured that I will continue to write and post my stories here. I also have discovered, thanks to another faithful reader, that there are several mistakes in most of my stories, since I usually don't have an editor. I will one day sit down and correct the ones he found, but for now, I'm not sure when that will be.